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Cell based assays

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Cell based activity assay for functional testing

Besides optimizing products' yield, as well as biochemical and biophysical quality in development projects, a strict focus on keeping the proteins' constant activity is of paramount importance. Activity examples are binding and blocking, neutralization, proliferation and anti-proliferation, ADCC, CDC, and ADCP assays, to name a few. 
Icosagen supports this crucial quality attributes with functional activity testing of your product in suitable cell-based activity assays.


Our team of scientists, dedicated to cell-based activity assays, has a range of assays already established and can adapt existing ones to novel targets, or, if needed, can even design and implement novel activity assays to assess the protein’s functionality. For this, a library of reporter cell lines as a basis for individual cell-based has been already established.

The goal is always to quantify the proteins’ activity in an assay that is reminiscent of the proteins’ activity in vivo.

Cell based activity assay for functional testing

Example of a cell-based ligand neutralization or receptor-blocking assay. The visualization pathway could be a reporter gene, for instance.

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