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About Icosagen

Icosagen is a research-driven contract research provider for biopharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that deftly adapts to market forces and current trends, and is always guided by the needs of its customers.

The Group comprises four entities: parent company Icosagen AS and three subsidiaries: Icosagen Cell Factory OÜ, Icosagen Technologies Inc., and IcoPark OÜ.

  • Icosagen AS was established in 1999. Common departments, such as general management and financing/accounting and QC/QA, business development, sales and marketing are represented by the parent company. A portfolio of off-the-shelf products, such as antibodies, proteins, ELISA kits, etc., and quality control services in the field of natural rubber allergen testing and food quality control, are also part of the activities of Icosagen AS.


  • Icosagen Cell Factory (ICF) is the research & development service arm of Icosagen Group, established in 2005. Since then, ICF has organically grown into a mammalian Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) for the biopharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic industry.  Our clients turn to us for custom-tailored services from discovery, hit-to-lead finding, pre-clinical candidate selection and up to early clinical candidate development. This entails antibody and protein discovery, notably including complicated proteins, their multi-parallel recombinant production, up to stable CHO cell line development and 50L production runs. By spanning the entire discovery, pre-clinical and early clinical development path, our clients save time, funds and nerves. Lengthy and error-prone tech transfers are avoided, while molecule know-how remains in house. On top of that, these integrated, semi-parallel development capabilities enable greatly accelerated development times. We are known to be scientifically knowledgeable, technically savvy and meticulous as well as quick and responsive. Our credo is quality, rapidly and economically. In 2021, Icosagen Cell Factory worked with more than 150 protein drug or vaccine developing companies globally, producing more than 1500 different proteins.


  • Icosagen Technologies Inc. was established in 2015, to give US customers access to Icosagen’s technologies and services.


  • IcoPark OÜ was established in 2013, to develop the infrastructure of the Icosagen Group.
For our customers, we provide opportunities and contributions to make their activities simpler, more efficient and less risky.

Internally, we continuously develop and improve our products, technologies and services to provide additional innovation and benefit to our customers. Our company has over 140 skilled and committed professional team members. The management system complies with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

We are a leading biotechnology group in Estonia having provided custom-tailored services as well as catalogue products for global customers in academia, pharma, biotech and industry for several years.

Our locations

United States Office

77 Geary St. 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108
+1 415 548 6625

European Office

Eerika tee 1
Õssu, Kambja vald
Tartu maakond 61713
+372 737 7070
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