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Meet both Icosagen Therapeutics & Icosagen Cell Factory (CRDMO) at Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics, in San Diego.

Last chance to meet in our 12th conference in 2022 the key Icosageneers Mart Ustav Jr.Meelis Kadaja, and Lauri Peil, to discuss collaboration and combined expertise on multi-span transmembrane antibodies, their discovery, transient mgs to clinical kgs GMP production, based on our unique #CRDMO concept. 

Icosagen proudly sponsors Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics conference, and with it the latest science and research on antibody engineering, design and selection, as well as critical topics including immuno-oncology, cellular engagers, miniproteins, the Fc region, cancer therapy, novel bi-specifics/multi-specifics and much more. 

Icosagen Cell Factory (CRDMO) seamlessly discovers, develops, and manufactures your pre-clinical and clinical protein candidates.

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