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Icosagen stands with Ukraine

Democracy, peace and freedom are the most fundamental values of society. Unfortunately, the unjustifiable war in Ukraine is a painful reminder that we cannot take it for granted.  Icosagen stands with Ukraine.

Therefore, Icosagen will not start any new projects with Russian or Belarusian companies. The last and only project of Icosagen with a Russian company was finished on 14th of February 2022, no projects have been done with Belarus companies (Edit: 28.12.2022 this clarifying sentence was added). We welcome Ukrainian citizens to apply for jobs at Icosagen through a fast-track route. To support the innocent people suffering in Ukraine due to Russian aggression, Icosagen management decided to donate 10 000€ to the Red Cross for humanitarian aid and encourage everyone who has the possibility, to do the same.   #WeStandWithUkraine #СлаваУкраїні    

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