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Valid from [30.09.2022]

Icosagen is an Estonian entity passionate about producing recombinant antibodies and challenging recombinant proteins in mammalian cells, as well as developing premium antibodies for research and in vitro diagnostics. Icosagen is also operating an online marketplace for business-to-business clients at this Website.

These Terms apply to the use of Website and any purchases made via Website.

By creating an account and using the Website, the User confirms that they have carefully read these Terms and agree to follow them when using the Website. Upon creation of an account for the Website, these Terms become a binding agreement concluded between the User and Icosagen.


1.1. In these Terms, the following definitions shall apply:

Agreementthe agreement for supplying Products in accordance with (i) the Order Confirmation, (ii) these Terms and (iii) any other special conditions which the parties agreed on.    
IcosagenIcosagen AS, a company established under the laws of Estonia, registry code 10565884, address Tartu maakond, Kambja vald, Õssu küla, Eerika tee 1, 61713.   Icosagen is operating an online marketplace where business-to-business clients can buy Icosagen Products.  
Orderthe Purchaser’s purchase order.  
Order Confirmationthe confirmation of the Order from Icosagen containing the following items: description, Price, quantity, quality and any specification of the Products as well as any special terms agreed by the parties.  
Party or Partiesrespectively Icosagen, or User/Purchaser, or Icosagen and User/Purchaser together.  
Pricethe price of the Products indicated in the Order Confirmation.  
ProductsIcosagen branded products being delivered by Icosagen to the Purchaser and which can be used by the Purchaser in accordance with the terms stipulated in the clause 6 of these Terms.  
Purchasera legal entity who has registered as a user of the Website and who has submitted an Order through the Website.  
Termsthese terms of use regulating the use of Website and the sale terms of Products.  
Usera legal person who has registered as a user of the Website.  
Websitean online marketplace managed by Icosagen at [].  

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