Cell Line Development


i.e. GMP-compatible CHO cell line development​

IcoCell platform is a well characterized proprietary host cell line platform to efficiently generate GMP-compliant stable CHO cell lines for production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies​.

For IcoCell cell line development the DNA is integrated to the chromosome using our proprietary technology that facilitates integration of the expression cassette into transcriptionally active regions of the chromatin and ensures stable expression of recombinant protein. Our optimized production conditions support high viable cell densities and protein yields. In addition, the production process can be customized, depending on the product of interest.

IcoCell cell line development platform contains several key components:

1.   Stable expression of a specific heterologous IcoCell enhancing transcription factor that is combined with the unique cis-elements incorporated into the DNA expression vector that responds to the IcoCell enhancing factor. As a result, the transgene is:

  • integrated into the transcriptionally active genomic regions;
  • actively  transcribed;
  • not silenced during the periods of selection and production.

2.   IcoCell contains genetic modifications, allowing an efficient drug-free metabolic selection.

3. Minipool selection approach is used to generate homogeneous cell pools with high productivity.
  • Minipool isolation can be started in parallel with the final selection of antibody variants.
  • Rapid isolation of high producing and stable minipools reduces the number of clones that needs to be screened for efficient isolation of super-producer monoclonal cell lines.

4.   VIPS™ Solentim “double lock” method is used to assure 99,9% monoclonality.

5.   GMP - compatible documentation is provided.

6.   Pure fee-for-service, no clinical milestones, no royalties.

IcoCell minipools can be used for initial upstream process development, and to produce material for early proof of concept and non-GLP tox studies. Also for in vitro diagnostic assays.

For detailed explanation see IcoCell.