Polyclonal Antibody Development

Polyclonal antibody development service

Icosagen provides a full service production of polyclonal antibodies in rabbit or chicken hosts. For immunization, KLH (or other carrier) conjugated peptides, recombinant proteins and other available immunogenes could be used. We recommend using recombinant proteins for immunization due to the stronger immune response and larger number of epitopes available when compared with peptide immunization. 

Polyclonal antibody production service includes:

  • Immunogene (recombinant protein) production or peptide conjugation with various carriers
  • Test animal immunization
  • Testing of antiserum 
  • Antibody affinity purification
  • Antibody characterization/antigene recognition by Western blot testing

In the case of chicken (IgY) antibody generation, 2-3 immunizations will be performed within 30 days, and the required number of eggs will be collected. Antibody IgY fraction is extracted from egg yolk, followed by affinity purification. 

For generation of rabbit polyclonal antibodies, 3-4 immunizations within 45 to 90 days are needed to develop a good immune response. Thereafter, serum is collected and antibodies are affinity purified. 

For immunization, 0.5 - 3 mg of immunogenes per one test animal is needed. Additionally, approximately 5 mg of protein is needed for affinity purification.