Latex allergen testing service

Latex allergen testing service

Icosagen AS is pleased to offer latex allergen testing service. The latex allergen content of your samples will be measured by FITkit® Hev b1, FITkit® Hev b3, FITkit® Hev b5 and FITkit® Hev b6.02 tests. The prices include testing of all 4 allergens. The prices exclude VAT.

Service codeService name
Lead time 
(starting from the date 
when the samples have arrived)
Price per sample
FITkit testing service 2 weeks145 €
FITkit EXPRESS testing service
1 week284 €
S3-350-300*FITkit SPECIAL EXPRESS testing service
max. 3 business days399 €

S3-350-001**FITkit testing service sample handling fee   50  €

*Sometimes our customers need the results as soon as possible, which is why we are also offering FITkit SPECIAL EXPRESS service. However, the possibility exists that we may not always be able to provide this service. Therefore, we suggest inquiring in advance about availability.

** A sample handling fee that is added to the service price per sample. This fee isn't added to glove and condom samples. 

Instructions for sending the samples: 

Please pack each sample in a separate pouch, making sure that different samples do not come in contact with each other. Also, include the names of the samples exactly as you wish them to appear on the certificates. 
Note: In the event that you are sending a branded product for testing and you would like to see the brand name of that tested item on the certificate, the product must be in its original package. The package must be unopened. 

For testing, we technically need about 3 g of material. Though we always request 5-10 times more be sent, in order to be able to repeat the testing, if we encounter any surprises.

Another viewpoint is distribution of latex allergen content in your item(s). If you do not have any previous information about the allergen content of your product(s), we recommend that you send us samples from three different batches and test them as separate samples. 

Send the samples, together with your contact information and invoicing address, to:

Icosagen AS (FITkit testing)
Attn: Maia-Liisa Voolaid
Eerika tee 1
Õssu, Kambja vald
Tartu maakond 61713

Please attach the delivery note to your shipment. If you don't have your own delivery note, then you can use our delivery note template - Delivery Note

Should you have any questions regarding this service or pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales [at] or by phone: +372 737 7045.

Please forward all your technical questions to: [at]