Recombinant murine leukemia virus p30 protein


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Name Recombinantmurine leukemia virus p30 protein
Description C-terminally His6 tagged
Synonyms Core polyprotein, capsid protein p30, Friend isolate
Uniprot ID P26806
Source Mouse
MW 32.0 kDa, 272 amino acids, including C-terminal His6 tag
Host E. coli
Purification Purified by Ni affinity chromatography following gel-filtration
Concentration 0.25 mg/ml Concentration of the protein is determined spectrophotometrically
Buffer PBS, 300 mM NaCl pH 7.4
Endotoxine not measured
Bioproperties -
Background Gag polyprotein plays a role in budding and is processed by the viral protease during virion maturation outside the cell. Capsid protein p30 forms the spherical core of the virion that encapsulates the genomic RNA-nucleocapsid complex
Shipping Shipped on dry-ice
Storage Store at -70°C upon receipt. Recommended to aliquot into smaller quantities. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles
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Figure 1. Coomassie-stained SDS-PAGE analysis on purified recombinant MLV p30-His. SDS-PAGE analysis in reduced and non-reduced conditions. 2µg of recombinant MLV p30-His were loaded per lane. Lane 1 MLV p30-His (reduced); Lane 2. Protein size marker Cat No 8003, Naxo); Lane 3. MLV p30-His (non-reduced)