Human CDNF ELISA kit

Catalogue # K2-001-096

Kit description:

  • High sensitivity: Limit of detection 1-8 pg/mL
  • Can be used to detect small quantities of CDNF starting from 15 pg/mL
  • Assay range 15 pg/mL to 960 pg/mL
  • High affinity of the CDNF antibodies (antibodies raised against full length recombinant CDNF)
  • The entire test procedure can be performed at room temperature  
  • Short testing time (2 hours)
The kit has been developed based on Icosagen’s unique CDNF antibodies, which are raised against full-length recombinant protein expressed in mammalian cell culture. As is the case with many of the other antibodies in Icosagen's portfolio, they have high affinity and high specificity (no cross reactivity to other nerve growth factors).


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