Human Artemin ELISA kit

Catalogue # K2-003-096

Artemin is a GDNF family neural growth factor of the TGF-beta superfamily of signalling molecules. GDNF family neural growth factors have neurotrophic properties and have potential use for gene therapy in neurodegenerative diseases. Artemin has been shown in cell culture to support the survival of a number of peripheral neuron populations and at least one population of dopaminergic CNS neurons.

Kit description:
  • High sensitivity: Limit of detection 2-8 pg/ml
  • Can be used to detect small quantities of Artemin starting from 30 pg/mL 
  • Assay range 30 – 1920 pg/mL
  • High affinity of the Artemin antibodies (antibodies raised against full-length recombinant Artemin)
  • The entire test procedure can be performed at room temperature (no 37°C incubator required)
  • Less steps (no avidin-biotin system – the enzyme conjugate binds directly to target antigen)
  • Short testing time (2 hours)
The kit has been developed based on Icosagen’s unique Artemin antibodies, which are raised against full-length recombinant protein expressed in mammalian cell culture. As is the case with many of the other antibodies in Icosagen’s portfolio, they have high affinity and specificity (no cross reactivity to other neural growth factors).

Minimum order size is 5 kits.

Artemin ELISA kit as  PDF.

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