Mouse monoclonal antibody to Human Cardiac Troponin I


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Name Mouse monoclonal antibody to Human Cardiac Troponin I
Immunogen Human cardiac troponin I
Immunogen Description Native, affinity purified human cardiac troponin I
Uniprot ID P19429
Clonality Mouse monoclonal
Clone 1D12
Class IgG1
Reactivity human cardiac troponin I
Dissociation constant (KD) 4.3 x 10-10 M
Application ELISA, WB
Protocol ELISA, 0.05-0.1 μg/ml; WB, 0.2 to  0.5 μg/ml
Purification Protein G purification
Buffer PBS pH 7.4; 0.1% NaN3
Unit Size 100 µg
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Shipping This product is shipped in non-frozen liquid form in ambient conditions
Storage Store at –20…-70°C upon receipt. Divide antibody into aliquots prior usage. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles
Background Troponin I is a part of the troponin complex. It binds to actin in thin myofilaments to hold the actin-tropomyosin complex in place. Because of it, myosin cannot bind actin in relaxed muscle. When calcium binds to the Troponin C it causes conformational changes which lead to dislocation of troponin I and finally tropomyosin leaves the binding site for myosin on actin leading to contraction of muscle (Wikipedia)
Limitations This product is for research use only
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Figure 1. Western Blot testing of mouse monoclonal antibody (103-100) to human cardiac troponin I. Lane 1. Recombinant Cardiac Troponin I, 5ng is loaded per lane. Lane 2. Recombinant Cardiac Troponin I, 10ng is loaded per lane. Lane 3. Recombinant Cardiac Troponin I, 50ng is loaded per lane.   Antibody concentration 0.2 µg/ml Lane 4. PageRuler Prestained Protein Ladder (Naxo 8004).