Mouse monoclonal antibody to HIV-1 Tat


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Name Mouse monoclonal antibody to HIV-1 Tat
Immunogen HIV-1 Tat
Immunogen Description Recombinant Tat protein of HIV-1 HXB2 (purified from E. coli)
Clonality Mouse monoclonal
Clone 1
Class IgG2b
Reactivity Reacts with HIV-1 Tat of HXB2, IIIB, HAN strains. This antibody recognizes Tat protein consensus sequences of HIV-1 subtypes A (DPVDPNLE), B (EPVDPRLE) and C (EPVDPNLE). Mapped to amino acids 2-9 EPVDPRLE ­- B subtype a.a. consensus 
Application ELISA, WB, IHC, RIP, ChIP
Protocol ELISA 0.02 to 0.05 µg/ml, WB 1 to 2 µg/ml.
Monoclonal antibody working titer has to be established practically for each particular antigen and assay format
Purification Protein G purification
Buffer PBS pH 7.4, with 0.1% sodium azide
Unit Size 100 µg
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Shipping This product is shipped in non-frozen liquid form in ambient conditions
Storage Store at -20…-70°C upon receipt. Divide antibody into aliquots prior usage. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

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Figure 1.  Western Blot testing of HIV-1 recombinant Tat protein. using HIV-1 Tat antibody (clone 1). Lane 1. Recombinant HIV-1 Tat (B subtype), 100 ng. Antibody concentration 2 µg/ml  Lane 2. Protein size marker

Figure 2. Matrix-ChIP analysis of HIV-1 Tat antibody (clone 1). Human 5A8 J-lat T lymphocytes culture was latently infected with HIV and treated with 10 ug/mL PHA