Mouse monoclonal antibody to HIV-1 Nef


Datasheet as
Name Mouse monoclonal antibody to HIV-1 Nef
Immunogen HIV-1 Nef
Immunogen Description

Recombinant Nef protein of HIV-1 BRU (purified from E. coli)

Alternative Names 3’ORF
Clonality Mouse monoclonal
Clone 2H12
Class IgG1
Reactivity Reacts with HIV-1 Nef of B and C subtypes, BRU, IIIB, and HAN strains
Epitope: mapped to amino acids 171-190


Protocol ELISA 0.027 to 0.8 µg/ml; WB 0.8 µg/ml
Purification Protein G purification
Buffer PBS pH 7.4, with 0.1% sodium azide
Unit Size

100 µg

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Shipping This product is shipped in non-frozen liquid form in ambient conditions
Storage Store at -20…-70°C upon receipt. Divide antibody into aliquots prior usage. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles

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Figure 1. Western Blot testing of recombinant HIV-1 B subtype Nef protein. using HIV-1 Nef antibody (clone 2H12). Lane 1. Recombinant HIV-1 Nef (B subtype) Lane 2. Protein size marker.