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Icosagen gave useful tips and rewards to students

Icosagen, in collaboration with the Bioscience Students' Association, encouraged students to do scientific research, by giving them practical tips and financial rewards for their great work.

On Monday, May 23rd, the students of the University of Tartu Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) practiced defending their scientific thesis at an event, organized by the Bioscience Students' Association (BSA, Bioteaduste Üliõpilaste Selts or BÜS). All interested students were welcome to see their representations. 

"Icosagen had the great pleasure of seeing bright-eyed young people and encouraging them to discover the exciting secrets of science," said Karl Mumm, Icosagen's marketing manager after the event. "The presentations were of a high standard, although the theses are not quite ready yet and it is almost a week and a half until the students are to defend them." After the presentations, Hanna Hõrak, co-professor of molecular plant physiology at the University of Tartu Institute of Technology, and Margus Leppik, researcher and program manager at IMCB, also gave tips to students. A total of ten exciting presentations were evaluated. Ermo Leuska, a doctoral student at IMCB, and Kaisa Põhako, a doctoral student in medical sciences at the University of Tartu, shared their experience with young people.

In addition to advice on how to improve their performance, Icosagen also supported three students with financial rewards. Icosagen's favorite was Linda Sootak's thesis on the connection between the oral microbiome and colon cancer, for which the author earned a scholarship of 300 euros. Ilona Tamm, who researches the effect of changes in soil and air humidity on the daily dynamics of the water potential of the leaves of Petula bendula Roth, and Iris Vaask, who studied the inheritance of the hyper-suppression of Saccharomyces cerevisiae rhomutants, using the PCR method, each received one hundred euros. The University of Tartu Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology also sponsored the event.

We sincerely thank the Bioscience Students' Association for organizing this useful event, wish the students every success in defending their thesis, and hope that there will be more and more participants in the years to come.

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