The best option to assess the potential latex allergy risk of medical gloves or other products with a medical purpose.

Latex products or -materials testing, synthetic materials potential contamination control as well as other applications.

Icosagen AS is pleased to offer latex allergen testing service. The latex allergen content of your samples will be measured by FITkit® Hev b1, FITkit® Hev b3, FITkit® Hev b5 and FITkit® Hev b6.02 tests.
Instructions for sending the samples:

Please pack each sample in a separate pouch so that different samples do not come in contact with each other. Also, include the names of the samples exactly as you wish them to appear on the certificates.
Note: On occasion you are sending a branded product for testing and you would like to see the brand name of that tested item on the certificate, the product shall be in original package. The package must not be opened.

Send the samples together with your contact information and invoicing address to:

FITkit testing

Icosagen AS

Eerika tee 1, Ülenurme vald,

61713 Tartumaa


FITkit testing services:
  • The ordinary service120 € per sample, lead time is 2 weeks (from the date when the samples have arrived).
  • The express service- 250 € per sample, lead time is 1 week (from the date when the samples have arrived).

Sometimes our customers need the results very fast and therefore we have also available FITkit SPECIAL EXPRESS service. The cost of this service is 350 € per sample and the results are guaranteed within 3 business days if not even faster (from the date when the samples have arrived). However, it could happen that we are not always able to provide this service. Therefore, we suggest to ask in advance if it is available.

The prices include testing of all 4 allergens. The prices exclude the VAT.

We have introduced a flexible discount system that is based on volume. Additionally, we can provide a special price for the long-term R&D projects of our customers. Please direct all questions about pricing to Ms. Pille Pihlakas (pille.pihlakas[at] or by phone +372 737 7070. Should you have any questions regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales[at]