The best option to assess the potential latex allergy risk of medical gloves or other products with a medical purpose.

Latex products or -materials testing, synthetic materials potential contamination control as well as other applications.


FITkit® products are four separate ready-to-use test reagent kits, Hev b 1, Hev b 3, Hev b 5 and Hev b 6.02, accordingly, and their components.

Each kit contains all reagents ready to use for testing 41 duplicate samples. These highly sensitive tests use specific monoclonal antibodies developed against the clinically relevant latex allergens present in NRL products. The kits show good correlation to the allergen content of gloves, measured by currently available patient IgE methods.

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FITkit®  Hev b 1

FITkit® Hev b 1 brochure

FITkit®  Hev b 1 MSDS


FITkit®  Hev b 3

FITkit® Hev b 3 brochure

FITkit®  Hev b 3 MSDS


FITkit® Hev b 5

FITkit® Hev b 5 brochure

FITkit® Hev b 5 MSDS


FITkit®  Hev b 6.02 (Hevein)

FITkit® Hev b 6.02 brochure

FITkit®  Hev b 6.02 MSDS

Also are available all single components of FITkit®.

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