The best option to assess the potential latex allergy risk of medical gloves or other products with a medical purpose.

Latex products or -materials testing, synthetic materials potential contamination control as well as other applications.


FITkit® is an ELISA test for measuring natural rubber latex (NRL) allergens from a variety of rubber products, such as gloves, condoms, teats etc. FITkit® technology is developed by the leading scientists working in the field of NRL allergy in cooperation with major glove manufacturers. It shows a good correlation to the allergen content of gloves, measured by currently available patient IgE methods.

This novel method is the first ever test for the measurement of clinically relevant NRL allergens, and enables quantification of individual allergens. It overcomes the significant limitations of other tests by using highly purified and characterized allergens, and specific monoclonal antibodies, against four major latex allergens (Hev b 1, Hev b 3, Hev b 5 and Hev b 6.02) known to be present in NRL products. A separate FITkit® is available for measuring each of the major allergens. FITkit® technology is compliant with ASTM International standard D7427-08.

The advantages of FITkit® are:

  • Direct measurement of the relevant allergens individually;

  • Unique sensitivity;

  • Consistent and reliable results;

  • Convenient procedure  and short assay time (< 2 hours);

  • No interference from other substances.

Read more: FITkit® brochure.

Applications of FITkit test vary from producers R&D or quality control needs to measure latex allergens in finished products or those in different phases on production line, assess production development to different distribution organizations purchasing departments tool of quality criteria. Newer approach has found FITkit applicable to synthetic products contamination control. If absence of major NRL allergens in synthetic protective gloves or in other synthetic rubber products with medical purpose of use requires verification, implementation of FITkit has offered a useful solution.

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